Spin Cycle: Modern Gaming with a Hint of Retro


I don’t game often, but when I do I more often than not enjoy older games. Currently I’m working my way through an assortment of PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 games including “The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time,” “Final Fantasy 7,” “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” and “Metal Gear Solid.” Of the newer games that I’ve played, I tend to enjoy “Diablo 3” type entries much more so than the “Call of Duty” series.

If you’re like me and prefer retro games, definitely check out “Spin Cycle,” a new game developed by The Brave Companions. While the opening screen suggests you use an Xbox 360 controller, you’ll be totally fine with a keyboard (the developers were even kind enough to include the control scheme). First off, you’ll notice the combination of side-scrolling action with updated graphics. Combined with a Nintendo-esque 8-bit soundtrack, memories of blowing into dusty cartridges bubble over like shaken PBR cans.

As the name implies, much of the action implies spinning and jumping: mainly with the intent of leaping across rooftops and traversing up the sides of buildings. “Spin Cycle’s” constantly rainy, grey background, urban environment and ninja protagonist definitely lent the game a neo-noir feel. The development team issued a challenge of beating the game in less than three minutes, a task I failed miserably (while I enjoy gaming, I’d classify myself as an occasional or social gamer). There’s even a playthrough by The Brave Companions so be sure to check that out if you need assistance, or just to be wowed by the ease with which they complete the game.

Although I don’t really game on my phone aside from the occasional bout of Zelda on N64oid or “Max Payne Mobile,” “Spin Cycle” feels like it would translate pretty well to touchscreens, and I’d definitely download this from the Google Play Store or iTunes. For now, it’s only offered on PC but luckily it’s simple graphics allow for any computer to support the game. Plus, it’s free. Just click the download button, save the game, un-RAR, and run the EXE file. If you don’t already have a program capable of uncompressing RAR files, just pick up a freeware one like Free RAR Extract Frog. Be sure to rate “Spin Cycle,” to show the development team some support. Happy gaming!


4 thoughts on “Spin Cycle: Modern Gaming with a Hint of Retro

    • Hello Dave! Thanks for making such an awesome game, and thanks for checking out the blog. Excellent to hear about the plans for expansion, I’ll have to do a follow up review when that drops. I’ll keep a lookout for “Spin Cycle” round two. Keep up the fantastic development work, and thanks again very much for reading!

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